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Rep. Andrews Calls for Congressional Ethics Reform

Location: Unknown

January 24, 2006

On January 11, 2006, I spoke at the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital and called upon my fellow legislators to address the ethics crisis which is disturbingly pervasive in our Nation's governments at all levels. The most recent round of ethics scandals in Washington has focused attention on a growing but unfortunately not a new problem in U.S. politics of money buying influence. We must institute substantive ethics reform and ban all forms of pay-to-play, at every level of government.

Federal government leaders must stand as an example to state and local leaders to demonstrate that ethics violations will not be tolerated. Here in New Jersey, I am heartened by Governor Corzine's pledge to implement a comprehensive ethics reform package that will completely ban the practice of pay to play in our State of New Jersey and the federal government should take the lead on this issue.

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