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Matheson Says Fight Terrorism without Trampling Utahns' Freedoms

Location: Washington, DC

Matheson Says Fight Terrorism without Trampling Utahns' Freedoms
December 14 , 2005

Washington DC-Congressman Jim Matheson said he could not support the reauthorization of the Patriot Act - HR 3199-- because of his ongoing concerns about trampling Utahns' constitutional freedoms.

Matheson said that certain broad, sweeping search provisions that undermine constitutional freedoms-- included in the original USA PATRIOT Act passed by Congress in the days following the Sept. 11th terrorist attacks-are set to expire at the end of the month, because of "sunset" provisions in the Act.

"I worry about allowing the FBI to secretly search records of libraries, bookstores and doctors' offices. That type of government intrusion into our lives just goes too far," said Matheson.

Matheson voted for the original Patriot Act and he strongly supports key sections of the original legislation. However, provisions that would take away Utahns' freedoms would be made permanent with no congressional oversight if HR 3199 becomes law.

"I support vigorously fighting terrorists but without compromising our constitutional freedoms," said Matheson.

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