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Freedom Isn't Free

Location: Washington, DC


Mrs. BLACKBURN. Madam Speaker, you know, ``freedom isn't free'' is a saying that we hear a lot. Sometimes we think it is a little bit trite. But I will tell you, Madam Speaker, this weekend I have seen the embodiment of that phrase, as I have met in Iraq with some of our 101st Airborne troops and our National Guard men and women. They understand their mission, they are dedicated, and yes, indeed, they are getting the job done.

I have also seen the embodiment of that phrase this weekend as I have met with some of the Iraqi parliamentarians. I joined three of my colleagues there. We were led by Congresswoman KAY GRANGER, who did a masterful job in continuing to mentor some of the Iraqi women parliamentarians. We have watched them struggle and put energy into their fight to achieve democracy, to achieve freedom, and to join us in saying, yes, indeed, we understand freedom isn't free. It does come with a price.

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