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On Impending Military Action against the Iraqi Regime

Location: Washington, DC

Statement by Senator Mark Pryor
On Impending Military Action against the Iraqi Regime
March 18, 2003

Today is a serious day which carries serious consequences. President George Bush has given Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein a clear choice: leave Iraq and avoid war or brace for military action. It was my hope Hussein would chose the former but this will unfortunately not be the case.

As our country prepares for war with the Iraqi regime, I wholeheartedly support our men and women in uniform and have no doubts about their capabilities to successfully achieve their military objectives. I pray that they complete their tasks quickly and come home safely.

To be sure, I wish this Administration could have built a broader coalition of allies to depose Saddam Hussein and hope that this diplomatic breakdown will not affect our efforts to engage a post-war Iraq.

Nonetheless, I do believe Saddam Hussein is developing and possesses weapons of mass destruction and that he is a threat to our nation and the world at large. President Bush has the authority to take action against the Iraqi regime and I support him in his decision as our commander-in-chief.

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