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Congressman Murtha

Location: Washington, DC

CONGRESSMAN MURTHA -- (Senate - December 20, 2005)

Mr. KERRY. Mr. President, one of the reasons I love and respect my wife Teresa Heinz Kerry so very much is because she has always maintained the strength of her convictions. She speaks her mind, and she speaks the truth. I am especially proud of her passionate defense of her fellow Pennsylvanian--the decorated veteran and respected military expert, Representative JACK MURTHA. In a recent essay, Teresa's powerful words spoke of JACK MURTHA's courage and integrity rose above the disparaging and unconscionable words of those who smeared him. As I read what she wrote, I realized why this issue had struck such a chord with her--and why she was able to speak with such incredible clarity--because, as someone who grew up under a dictatorship, Teresa believes deeply in the freedom of every American to speak their mind without fear of condemnation.

The characteristics we all admire in Representative Murtha--honesty, compassion, strength and patriotism--are the characteristics that make Teresa such an incredible citizen. I am glad she spoke out, and for that reason, I ask that her words be printed in the RECORD.

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