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Announcement by the Speaker Pro Tempore

Location: Washington, DC

ANNOUNCEMENT BY THE SPEAKER PRO TEMPORE -- (House of Representatives - November 17, 2005)


Mr. KING of New York. I thank the gentleman for yielding.

Mr. Speaker, I would like to enter into a colloquy with the gentleman from Texas, the chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee, regarding the Digital Television Transition Act of 2005 which is included in title III of H.R. 4241. Section 3406 of this bill directs the NTIA to establish a new $500 million interoperability grant program for first responders.

Chairman Barton, I strongly believe the Department of Homeland Security should be given, at the very least, a strong consultative role in the administration of these grant funds. Given the Department's expertise in administering first responder grant programs and its responsibility for establishing and implementing the national policy on interoperable communications, I would ask the chairman to ensure that this new grant program uses standards, grant guidance and technical assistance established by the Offices for Domestic Preparedness and Interoperability and Compatibility. I would ask the chairman to seek such a resolution in conference.


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