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John Kerry Responds to Latest Republican Personal Attacks

Location: Boston, MA

John Kerry Responds to Latest Republican Personal Attacks

White House Attack Dog of the Day: RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman

"This continues to be the say one thing, then do another Administration. If the President is sincere about wanting an honest and open debate on Iraq, he would call off his attack dogs and engage in that debate. Instead, they continue to hide their mistakes behind smokescreens of fear and smear. One minute the White House acknowledges they were out of line attacking Jack Murtha, then they impugn the character of other Democrats.

"Our troops, our country, and the Congress are still waiting to hear the President's plan for Iraq, but instead we just end up with more misleading and more political attacks. America needs better, and our troops need leadership from a Commander in Chief - not division from a Campaigner in Chief."

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