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Gov. Perry Announces T-Mobile Will Create 850 New Jobs in Frisco

Location: Frisco, TX

Gov. Perry Announces T-Mobile Will Create 850 New Jobs in Frisco

Enterprise Fund Grant Helps Secure High-Paying Jobs

Gov. Rick Perry today announced that T-Mobile USA, one of the nation's largest providers of voice and data networks in the United States, will establish a new Technology Campus in Frisco. The investment will create 850 new jobs for well-educated and highly-trained employees, including engineers, computer technicians and support professionals for T-Mobile's Wi-Fi and digital voice services.

Perry also announced that the state secured the T-Mobile project over several competing states with a $2.1 million grant from the Texas Enterprise Fund (TEF).

"T-Mobile's investment is great news for the people of North Texas, not just because it will mean more money flowing through the local economy, but also because it is a clear signal that the telecom corridor is becoming revitalized," Perry said.

In addition to the 850 new jobs that will be created, T-Mobile will transfer several hundred existing positions from other locations, ultimately bringing more than 1,200 workers to its Technology Campus.

By the time this 230,000 square foot facility is fully operational, T-Mobile will have increased its total Texas workforce by more than 30 percent. The state's investment in the project is expected to yield a 10-fold return, just in terms of T-Mobile's financial commitment.

"Texas will benefit even further as more people are put to work, as paychecks are cashed and spent at local shops, and as government has more revenue to pay for essential services because of an expanded tax base instead of increased tax bills," Perry said.

"This expansion is early evidence of the type of growth this region can experience as the telecommunications industry continues to recalibrate with an eye towards new technology," Perry added.

In 2003 the Texas Legislature approved the governor's request for the $295 million TEF to help create new jobs in Texas and recruit new employers, and earlier this year the legislature reauthorized funding for the TEF.

To date, the TEF has helped secure more than 34,000 new jobs and $6.5 billion in capital investments in the state. Among the victories the TEF has scored for Texas workers are the largest capital investment nationally for 2003 and the largest job creation announcements in the nation for both 2004 and 2005.

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