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Veterans Day

Location: Washington, DC

VETERANS DAY -- (Senate - November 10, 2005)


Ms. LANDRIEU. Mr. President, we observe Veterans Day on an anniversary of a day when war ended and our Nation was again at peace. November 11, 1918, Armistice Day, has been a day we use to remember our debt to all who have worn the uniform of the United States.

Our veterans have borne the costs of America's wars and have sacrificed so that not only our Nation but also our world can be free from terror. Today, every veteran can be certain, the Nation you serve and the people you defend are grateful.

Today more than 25 million Americans are either veterans or retired military. This number includes men and women from World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Every Veteran has their own story of how they entered military service. Many enlisted on December 8, 1941, or at the beginning of other conflicts. Some began their military careers at a service academy or with a letter from the U.S. government. Yet when their service is complete, veterans of every era, every background, every branch, have certain shared commitments and experiences that form bonds that will last a lifetime.

America's war veterans have fought for the security of this Nation and for the safety and peace of the world. They have humbled tyrants and defended the innocent and oppressed. The men and women of our Armed Forces have engaged the enemy on many fronts and confronted grave dangers to defend the safety of the American people. They serve and fight today, and their great achievements are added to American history. Americans are forever grateful for their honor, their courage, and their sacrifice.

Today and every day, the prayers of the American people are with those who wear our country's uniform. They follow a great tradition handed down to them by America's veterans. Our veterans from every era are the finest of citizens. We owe them the life we know today. They command the respect of the people, and they have our lasting gratitude.

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