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Location: Washington, DC

DARFUR -- (Senate - November 01, 2005)

Mr. KERRY. Mr. President, we must not lose sight of the devastating humanitarian crisis in Darfur, where some 3000,000 people were killed in the genocide and almost 2 million more forced into displacement camps. While some progress has been made in ending large scale attacks by government forces, daily attacks against civilians and aid workers continue in a climate of lawlessness, and the Khartoum government still has not reined in the Janjaweed militia. Given these circumstances, I remain concerned that the administration has not done enough to bring about a peace agreement in the region.

The African Union soldiers sent to Darfur to date have made some progress in providing much needed protection. However, their mandate and current personnel levels are not sufficient to keep the civilians and aid workers safe. America and the international community should work to ensure that the African Union is able to get more peacekeepers into place, with an expanded mandate that allows them to complete their important work.

I ask unanimous consent to have printed in the RECORD a Christian Science Monitor article from October 25, 2005 describing the current problems Darfur and providing some sensible proposals to solve them.

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