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Statement from John Kerry: Unemployment Reaches Highest Level In Nine Years

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More Americans will head into the July 4th holiday laid off or worried that they are next in line to get a pink slip.  The announcement this morning that unemployment in America has reached its highest level since April 1994 is just more evidence that the economic policies of the Bush Administration are wrong for our country and devastating for our workers. 

With 30,000 more jobs lost last month on President Bush's watch, more than 3 million Americans have been thrown out of work in less than three years.  The President's insistence on reckless tax policies is only making this jobless economy worse.  I think everyone knows that the only person in this country who deserves to be laid off is George W. Bush.

George Bush is well on his way to becoming the first President since Herbert Hoover to lead this country to fewer jobs.  I am running for President to put our economy back on track and to put Americans back to work.  As President, I pledge to replace the jobs this President has lost in the first 500 days of my administration and this summer, I'll be traveling the country jobs. and holding a series of open meetings on the economy focused on how to restore our prosperity and create new jobs.

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