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Gov. Perry Releases Updated Homeland Security Strategic Plan

Location: Austin, TX

Gov. Perry Releases Updated Homeland Security Strategic Plan

Gov. Rick Perry today released the Texas Homeland Security Strategic Plan 2005-2010, which focuses on making Texas safer and better equipped to deter acts of terrorism and respond to disasters, whether natural or man made.

"The homeland security threats we face will remain enormous and ever-changing - from terrorist groups bent on taking American lives to the unpredictable fury of nature we witnessed during hurricanes Katrina and Rita," Perry said. "The Texas Homeland Security Strategic Plan for 2005-2010 will provide us with a solid roadmap to navigate our new threat environment. I expect the plan will evolve to fit our needs as we become more prepared and the threat environment continues to change."

Perry added that the updated plan "is comprehensive, ambitious, and tailor-made for Texas." It focuses on:

* Building a statewide intelligence capability;
* Enhancing multi-agency counterterrorism investigations;
* Continually reducing vulnerabilities at critical infrastructures and key resources;
* Ensuring public health preparedness for threats to our citizens and agriculture;
* Expanding public awareness and involvement;
* Training and exercising first responders to constantly improve our capabilities; and
* Ensuring that the state provides for the special needs population thoroughly, and with compassion, before, during, and after an emergency.

The state's updated plan builds on successes that resulted from the first Strategic Plan, released in 2004, and incorporates new national initiatives for Homeland Security.

Since the state's first Homeland Security Strategic Plan was released in 2004, Texas has focused on ensuring that all levels of law enforcement and first responders have the technological ability to communicate with each other in times of need, regardless of radio frequencies the agencies normally use. Texas is implementing its plan to achieve statewide radio communications interoperability by January 2007, making Texas a national leader in this endeavor.

The 2005 plan also focuses on strengthening our regional response capabilities and equipping and training first responders; creating a Texas Fusion Center, an around-the-clock center that provides all-hazards watch and warning, as well as information consolidation and intelligence analysis; and continuing to build one of the largest Citizen Corps operations in the nation.

A complete copy of The Homeland Security Strategic Plan 2005-2010 can be found at

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