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Public Statements

Election 2000

Location: Sauter for President

This page answers questions posed to me regarding the upcoming presidential election in 2000. It reiterates my political ideas expressed in my "You And Me for President" page.

I hope it's clear by now that I'm saying only one thing, and that is, "Pure democracy." Kind of funny how many kilobytes I've burned up just trying to get those two words out. Maybe one day I'll get lucky and say it in a convincing way.

This page also presents articles written by others about my candidacy and presidential platform. Perhaps their words will hit the mark with you.

My policy is "no interviews". I will respond in writing to written questions only. (That includes email.) I will not answer the same question twice. Ask me anything pertinent, after reading this page and my "You And Me For President" page.

My responses and commentary are labeled "DS".


Miscellaneous questions

(None yet.)

Questionnaire from Northern Regional Center For Independent Living (NRCIL)

Northern Regional Center For Independent Living (NRCIL) is a disability rights and resource center, run by and for people with many different disabilities. Through NRCIL people discover choices to live independently, with enhanced dignity. We promote the community's efforts to create accessibility and achieve lasting change in a fully inclusive society. [DS: Their web address is

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