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Remembering Rosa Parks

Location: Washington, DC

REMEMBERING ROSA PARKS -- (House of Representatives - October 26, 2005)


Mr. FILNER. Mr. Speaker and colleagues, I rise today to acknowledge the passing of a great American, the venerable Rosa Louise Parks.

On a cold afternoon in December 1955, Rosa Parks could not have known she would soon become a national symbol and civil rights icon. But in standing her ground and demanding her fair and equal treatment on that bus in Montgomery, Alabama, Rosa Parks became the first lady of civil rights and the mother of the freedom movement.

Her simple action and committed resolve that day empowered a people, ignited a movement and changed the course of American history.

The events that followed Ms. Parks' protest that day--her arrest, the Montgomery bus boycott, and the eventual integration of the bus system--set the stage for Dr. Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Act.

As a young college student, I was inspired by the stories of Ms. Parks' courageous action. I traveled to the south as a ``freedom ride'' in support of the emerging civil rights movement.

Rosa Parks' courage, determination, and tenacity continue to be an inspiration to all those committed to non-violent protest and change nearly half a century later. She will be remembered as an everlasting symbol and advocate for justice and equality throughout America.

Thank you Rosa, America will forever be indebted to you.


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