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House Votes to Protect Law Abiding Gun Owners

Location: Washington, DC


Oct 20, 2005

Washington, DC - "Holding GM accountable for car crashes involving Buicks makes about as much sense as holding a gun manufacturer responsible for the criminal misuse of a firearm," said U.S. Rep. Dave Camp (R-Midland) today in joining a bipartisan majority approving a ban on certain lawsuits against the gun industry.

"This is just commonsense," Camp added. "There are those who want to limit our Second Amendment rights by running the firearms industry into bankruptcy. I'm pleased we were able to prevail and garner solid bipartisan support for this legislation."

John Coale, one of the personal injury lawyers suing the firearms industry, told the Washington Post in 200 that "The legal fees alone are enough to bankrupt the industry."

Once signed by the President, the new law will bar lawsuits against the gun industry arising out of the unlawful use of a firearm by an individual and in cases when the product has no design defect and was used as intended. Thirty-three states have already enacted statutes blocking this type of litigation.

The bill also allows lawsuits to be brought when a person transfers a firearm or ammunition knowing that it will be used to commit a crime of violence or a drug trafficking crime or if a manufacturer or seller of a qualified product violates a State or Federal statute applicable to sales or marketing. This exception would specifically allow lawsuits against firearms dealers who fail to maintain required inventory lists necessary to ensure they are alerted to any firearm thefts.

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