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Gasoline for America's Security Act of 2005

Location: Washington, DC

GASOLINE FOR AMERICA'S SECURITY ACT OF 2005 -- (House of Representatives - October 07, 2005)


Mrs. BLACKBURN. Mr. Speaker, I thank the chairman for his excellent work on this issue.

It is so interesting for me to stand here in this body and listen to people say it was rushed through committee, that we have not given proper thought to this issue.

Mr. Speaker, it seems this issue has been around for about 10 years, trying to get an energy bill through, and we did. We passed the Energy Policy Act of 2005. But this issue has been on the table for 10 years, and if former President Clinton had not vetoed drilling in ANWR in 1995, we might not be standing here having this discussion today. But that happened.

So this is not being rushed through. This is something that is the culmination of a decade's worth of talk. And the people in Tennessee, in my district, are tired of the talk, Mr. Speaker. They are ready for some action. This is a right step. It is the right time.

I want to hit two provisions that are included in this bill. One is streamlining the countless regulations, then helping to prevent some of the frivolous lawsuits. When we look at streamlining some of the process they have to go through to build a refinery, that is a good thing. It is going to help us to be able to move forward on refineries in a more expeditious manner. The other thing is establishing the Department of Energy as the lead agency for siting refineries and eliminating some of the unnecessary requirements on waiting on multiple bureaucracies to respond to a request to build one refinery. This is not about bureaucrats and building. It is about meeting real American needs of real families for energy uses on a daily basis.


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