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Ryan Calls for Waste-Cutting Provision to Pinpoint Savings, Help Fund Katrina Recovery

Location: Washington, DC

Ryan Calls for Waste-Cutting Provision to Pinpoint Savings, Help Fund Katrina Recovery
September 21, 2005

WASHINGTON - At a press conference today where some House Members highlighted suggested ways that government can cover the costs of the Hurricane Katrina recovery effort, First District Congressman Paul Ryan spoke in favor of granting enhanced rescission authority that would allow the President to identify waste in any appropriations bill and propose savings to Congress. Congress would then vote on the proposed savings in an expedited manner.

Ryan pointed out that finding savings in spending bills to offset the cost of emergency aid is not a new idea. He cited the example that, ten years ago, appropriators were able to find about $16 billion in offsets (savings from other programs) which more than paid for emergency response aid appropriated after the Oklahoma City bombing.

"Now, more than ever, we need the ability to remove wasteful and unnecessary pork-barrel projects from spending bills. Giving the President the authority to pinpoint these specific projects and programs and send them back to Congress for a vote is a way that we can create savings to help us pay for the much-needed recovery aid following Hurricane Katrina, instead of going deeper into debt," Ryan said. "Congress needs to cut spending to help offset the necessary Katrina disaster relief. Taxpayers deserve no less."

Ryan has pushed for enhanced rescission in the past, as part of legislation to reform the congressional budget process.

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