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Cantor Statement on the Passing of Simon Wiesenthal

Location: Washington, DC

Cantor Statement on the Passing of Simon Wiesenthal

Washington , D.C. - Chief Deputy Majority Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) released the following statement today regarding passing of Simon Wiesenthal:

"With the passing of Simon Wiesenthal, the world has lost one of the most important figures in honoring the memory of those lost in the Holocaust. As someone who suffered through Nazi concentration camps and saw many members of his family murdered in them, he understood the importance of seeking justice for those who were murdered by the Nazis.

"He was a tireless and dogged pursuer of Nazi war criminals, and over 1,100 of those who murdered or were complicit in the murder of the innocent were brought to justice because of his work. Some of them were high profile criminals like Adolph Eichmann, while others were not. In his pursuit of justice, Wiesenthal would not stop until every war criminal met their appropriate fate.

"We should honor to memory of Simon Wiesenthal by never letting the story of the Holocaust fade and pursuing justice for all those who suffered under the bloody tyranny of the Nazis."

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