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Radio Address - Hurricane Trina

Location: Unknown

Radio Address - Hurricane Trina

My fellow Texans, the latest projections for Hurricane Rita indicate it is likely to intensify and may make landfall in Texas late this week.

This morning I issued a disaster declaration for Texas and asked President Bush to approve that declaration and 100 percent reimbursement for Texas communities responding.

I also want to encourage residents and visitors along the coast to begin making personal arrangements in case there is a need to evacuate.

* If you have a car, make sure it is filled up with gas.
* Gather your personal records, including ID's, insurance information and credit cards.
* Be sure to have a 3-month's supply of needed medication, and pack emergency supplies such as a flashlight, water and non-perishable foods.
* Secure your property to the best of your ability and pay attention to weather updates as the storm nears.
* Learn your local evacuation routes, and identify a place where you can stay - whether with family, friends, or some other safe haven away from the coast.
* And do a neighborly deed by checking with those who live by you to make sure they are prepared to evacuate if that is required.

At the state level, we will continue to coordinate closely with county and city government leaders to review their evacuation plans, especially when it comes to transporting the homeless, indigent populations and those with special needs.

We are working with nursing homes, hospitals and other locations that house vulnerable populations to verify the number of people who will need transportation assistance.

And the state is taking inventory of the number of available buses and transport vehicles that might be needed to augment local resources.

We have seen the tragic effects of a deadly hurricane in recent weeks. But there is no reason to panic if you are prepared and take an orderly approach to this developing storm.

We hope Rita dissipates in the gulf waters, but it's better to be safe than sorry. That's why the state has activated its emergency operations center, and is preparing to deploy ample resources…manpower and equipment…to meet any potential need.

Thank you, and God bless Texas.

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