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Gov. Perry Denies Reprieve

Location: Austin, TX

Gov. Perry Denies Reprieve

Gov. Rick Perry today rejected a request from death row inmate Frances Newton for a second postponement of her execution.

"After hundreds of hours spent by my attorneys reviewing this case, and after repeated reviews of the case by state and federal courts, I believe there is no basis for postponing this execution," Perry said. "At the time I granted a 120-day reprieve last year, I commented that I saw no evidence of innocence. However, I granted the delay to allow retesting of evidence of the crime. Since that time, Ms. Newton has presented additional arguments through the state and federal appellate courts, including the U. S. Supreme Court. Additional ballistics testing of the gun used in the murders was conducted by experts for both the state and the defendant, corroborating the trial evidence. All the evidence, and every trial and appellate court, has confirmed there was no error in the determination of Ms. Newton's guilt or sentence, and a reprieve would only delay justice in this case."

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