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Perry Records Hurricane Relief Pitch for Weekend Football Crowds

Location: Austin, TX

Perry Records Hurricane Relief Pitch for Weekend Football Crowds

While heartened by the generous outpouring of donations and services to help victims of Hurricane Katrina, Gov. Rick Perry will make a statewide appeal to high school and college football crowds to continue the strong donation effort because "the need remains great."

With Red Cross officials collecting donations at contests around the state this weekend, Perry will make a video appeal on stadium jumbotrons for Texans to continue giving in order to, "bless those with great need."

"The Texas response to this tragedy has been simply amazing," Perry said. "But we need to make sure that as the days go by, our commitment to supporting our neighbors in need remains strong. This relief effort is not a two week lifeline, but will require unprecedented support and generosity for a number of months."

Several Texas colleges and universities hosting contests this weekend have expressed interest in broadcasting the public service announcement (PSA) and more than 600 UIL schools have received the PSA. Those making donations to the Red Cross can specify where they want their donation to be spent, or leave it to the discretion of the organization.

The following is the script of the PSA:

"My Fellow Texans, I'm so proud of how you've rallied to help our neighbors in need following the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina.

We've offered a quarter million people food, water, medicine and a safe haven. And even better, we've given them hope for tomorrow.

Your generous outpouring of donations has been overwhelming…and yet the need remains great.

That's why you see Red Cross volunteers here today who are collecting your cash donations to be used not only in Texas, but more specifically, in your community.

Your contribution to the hurricane relief effort will bless those with great need…and continue to show what a compassionate, loving state that Texas is. And I've never been more proud to call Texas home.

Anita and I thank you for your generosity. God bless you, and God bless Texas."
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