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Introduction of the Pentagon 9/11 Memorial Resolution

Location: Washington DC

INTRODUCTION OF THE PENTAGON 9/11 MEMORIAL RESOLUTION -- (Extensions of Remarks - September 08, 2005)


Mr. MORAN of Virginia. Mr. Speaker, today I am pleased to be joined by my colleagues from Virginia, Maryland, D.C., Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey to introduce legislation recognizing the importance of a national memorial at the Pentagon to commemorate and mourn the terrorist attack against the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.

This legislation is modeled after a resolution (H. Res. 175) my friend and colleague from New York introduced earlier this year in support of efforts to create a September 11, 2001 memorial at the site of World Trade Center.

Mr. Speaker, as we approach the 4th anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, it is appropriate that we establish memorials at the sites of these attacks to honor the victims.

On that fateful day four years ago, the 59 victims of American Airlines Flight 77 and 125 military personnel and Defense Department employees at the Pentagon died and scores more were injured in a dastardly and unprovoked attack against the American people.

The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, have joined the pantheon of national tragedies and become a defining moment in United States history.

These attacks of September 11, 2001 affected all Americans, not only for the tragic loss of life, but also for its emotional toll on our public conscience. Two-thirds of Americans report that the attacks had a great emotional impact on them, and virtually all Americans can recall precisely where they were and what they were doing when they learned of the attacks.

And while all of us were beset by the tragic loss of life and untold suffering, we found solace in the inspiring and heroic actions taken by the crew and passengers of Flight 93 and by the firefighters, police officers, rescue workers, military personnel and ordinary citizens who raced to the scene of these attacks and saved lives, keeping the attacks from taking an even greater toll.

It was a tragic day, but a defining moment in our nation's history.

I applaud the efforts of those who have worked to build the memorials to honor and commemorate the fallen and to acknowledge the impact the horrific attacks have had on all of us.

I encourage my colleagues and those listening to support these memorials and urge my colleagues to support this resolution.

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