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Discussion of State of the Union Address and Democratic Response

Location: Unknown

NBC News Transcripts

SHOW: NBC News Special Report: The State of the Union (9:00 PM ET) - NBC

January 28, 2003 Tuesday

HEADLINE: Discussion of State of the Union address and Democratic response



BROKAW: Out in Arizona, Governor Napolitano, what do you think the chances are...

Governor JANET NAPOLITANO (Democrat, Arizona): Yes.

BROKAW: ...that you'll have a stimulus program that will generate enough economic activity in Arizona that you'll be able to close up your $1 billion shortfall in a $6 billion budget.

Gov. NAPOLITANO: Yes, I felt, at least on the economic part of his comments, he---the president was on a totally different plain from the states. Virtually every state is in the worst fiscal situation it's been in since World War II. And he claimed credit for leave "no child behind." We appreciate the principles behind that, but it's unfunded federal mandate to the states. He talked about Medicare, but Medicaid is as big or bigger than Medicare. No--no federal help there as well.

The border for our state, very important. It's not a secure border. We're not getting the federal resources we need. And on homeland security, first responders--firefighters, peace officers, health care workers--the states cannot afford to provide the basic services we will need in a war against terrorism.

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