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August 2005 Newsletter: Protecting Our Community from Bad Trade Deals

Location: Washington DC

August 2005


Protecting Our Community from Bad Trade Deals

The Central American Free Trade Agreement, known as CAFTA, is a bad deal both for Americans and for the people of Central America. This agreement will hurt labor, weaken environmental standards, and increase the inequity at home and throughout Central America.

The number of people who will benefit from CAFTA is dwarfed by the masses that will be unfairly punished simply for their government's ill-fated policy. The Bush administration, in its development of CAFTA, has shown an utter contempt for the working men and women of our continent.

Across Central America, labor laws are often insufficient to protect workers and the environment, and those that exist are rarely enforced. CAFTA does nothing to promote the enforcement of labor standards, something that should be a moral imperative for any trade agreement.

Rather than focus on policies that will facilitate economic and social development throughout Latin America, this administration ignores the poor and the working class with narrow policies that only benefit the wealthiest.
What we need are Fair Trade Agreements that promote development of Latin America's economies as well as our own labor markets.


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