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Jindal Introduces Bill to Permanently Repeal Marriage Tax

Location: Washington DC

Jindal Introduces Bill to Permanently Repeal Marriage Tax

Washington, Jul 27 - Congressman Bobby Jindal (LA-01) has introduced the Marriage Penalty Equity Relief Act (H.R. 3384) in the United States House of Representatives. Under the standard tax laws, couples are actually punished, forced to pay higher taxes, if they are married than if they remain single. Congressman Jindal's legislation would permanently repeal this tax.

"This legislation will permanently repeal one of the most egregious, anti-family penalties in our tax code," Jindal said. "Marriage is a sacred institution, one that should be encouraged and embraced, not penalized by the IRS. "

It is estimated that the inequities in our tax law regarding marital status cost couples $10 billion a year. Currently, 324,343 couples in Louisiana are affected by the marriage tax, including 53,084 in Congressman Jindal's First District.

"The current tax code is almost 60,000 pages, longer than the Bible, and is full of inconsistencies," Jindal continued. "By saving families upwards of $50 billion over the next 5 years, the permanent repeal of the marriage penalty will strengthen our families now and take a step towards making certain they have the support necessary to remain strong in the future. I look forward to working with my colleagues in the House of Representatives to make sure taxpayers are not punished for saying 'I do.' "

Congressman Jindal has authored or co-authored 17 pieces of legislation aimed at reducing or eliminating taxes in our country. These include acts eliminating the death tax, creating a tax credit for coastal restoration taxes, reducing income tax rates, cutting capital gains tax rates, and removing an oppressive FEMA disaster mitigation tax.

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