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Brian P. Parrello Post Office Building

Location: Washington, DC

BRIAN P. PARRELLO POST OFFICE BUILDING -- (House of Representatives - July 26, 2005)


Mr. GARRETT of New Jersey. Madam Speaker, I also humbly rise this morning as we support a bill to rename the post office in West Milford, New Jersey, up in my district, after Lance Corporal Brian P. Parrello who was killed in action, as we say, in Iraq earlier this year, in January. He was an honorable defender of liberty, and he deserves our gratitude and respect.

Brian joins that long list of our country's heroes who have made the ultimate sacrifice so that each and every one of us can live free. After the attacks on September 11, 2001, Brian proudly joined the United States Marine Corps where he was assigned to the Second Marine Expeditionary Force in North Carolina. In Iraq, Brian served in the Marine's swift boat unit where he patrolled the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

As indicated earlier, back in West Milford High School, he served on both the football and the hockey teams. His teachers and his coaches and his peers called him a real leader, a real role model, someone who always gave 150 percent to everything that he did, a guy with a big heart who led by example. That is why I am proud to have introduced the legislation in this House to rename the post office in West Milford after Brian.

I am sure that Brian would have been proud to see the Iraqi people vote in the fair and free elections this past January. Brian gave all he could to help secure those freedoms. The war on terror is global in nature, and Brian fought in Iraq so that we may end the scourge of radical Islam and keep terrorists from attacking our homeland and freedom-loving people around the entire world.

Now, we can never fully express our gratitude for his sacrifice, for the freedom and the security to our Nation; but I am proud that we can leave a lasting memorial so that his heroic actions can be remembered in this country for now and future generations as well.

Today, we also remember his family, and we send them our prayers and our comfort as well.


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