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Retooling Social Security

Location: Michael Levinson for President Website

Unraveling the Income Tax,Eliminating Unneeded Agencies and Sliminating Bureaucracies: Innovative programs For the Next Millenium
by the poet prophet candidate Michael Stephen Levinson

Retooling Social Security

Currently, when you reach retirement age, in order to collect your Social Security check, you are practically forced into retirement. For those who need or want to keep working, their retirement check takes a hit. This is ignorant regressive policy. All of these bureaucracy inspired regulations are counter productive, as are welfare checks, absent the right to work attached.

By Executive Order, all the bureaucratic regulations currently populating both our Social Security codes and our general tax codes, regulations which inhibit our citizenry's rights to earn a robust living into their retirement, without suffering a cut in their Social Security checks, shall be recinded!

This "Executive Hors doeuvre" excludes those Social Security recipients retired with huge monthly investment income well beyond the current regressive $17,000 ceiling. However, this earnings ceiling which affects the wealthier folks amongst us ought to also be given a healthy raise.

By Executive Order, every citizen classified as being partially or fully disabled, currently receiving SSI, or SSD disability stipends through our Social Security program will be urged to voluntarily seek part time employment.

Let these people be free to supplement their meager incomes without remorse! Let them raise themselves up and live a little better without regressive penalty.

As long as these challenged folks are capable of doing some kind of part time work, and as long as their employment is "over the table" with proper withholding taxes withheld, these SSI, or SSD recipients should not will not suffer regressive reductions of any kind in their monthy benefit check.

This measure, established by Executive Order, will bring countless millions of dollars up from the underground economy into the open air, self-raising the standard of living for countless millions of partially and fully disabled people, while further enriching our Social Security operating fund, this from the very people the Social Security system was redesigned to help. That's fair.

One cannot say for sure how many SSI and SSD recipients currently work under the table for cash, but there are more people working under the table than imagined. I hold these two measures - (1) allowing people to continue working in retirement without penalty, and this same principal applied to (2) partially and fully disabled recipients - will extend the viability of Social Security for at least another decade beyond the current congressional projections that Social Security will be bankrupt by 2017.

Unraveling the Income Tax
Frum the hand lettered

The Book ov Lev:
Its good to serve cause
Goods and service is
The story of life.
The day is here
Ma schines kin run
In do the whirr kin
No tax on the hands
No tax on the hands
Tax ma shines insted

Notwithstanding the years-in-advance prophetica from The Book ov Lev, quoted above, the following changes in our tax code shall also be established via presidential Executive Hors doeuvres, with more than instant sweetness at hand.

These necessary changes in our tax code, below, are but one part of The Lev Deal, which also includes, down the road, the six hour day, the four day week, and seven month year, with enough bucks coming in to support a spouse and two kids, for that is the direction I'm taking, setting our course for, as ship of state commander-in-chief the leader of our nation:

The six hour day, four day week, and seven month year, with enough coming in to support a spouse and two kids is part of my economic goal. It's what I want for myself and youse. That is The Lev Deal!

Politishinz running for president like to talk about where they are going to take the nation. I'm tired of being taken, especially by people living above, who feed off the public trough. The founding fathers set things up so anyone old enough could stand for our highest office, and in advance, set their course of state like Abraham Lincoln did, when he ran for president.

The president sits on a horse, and all the rest of us stand in the dust. On election day we all get the chance to grab our sitting prezzo by the ankle, and pull the dude back down with the rest of us.

We are the youngest nation in the world with the oldest standing government, because of our founding father's wisdom, but today's unmitigated money corrupts our politics, and rights.

It's easy in a 24 hr. day long political campaign to be side tracked by an other issue. Here then, briefly:

Recently it was reported, by Brian Williams of CNBC, and MSNBC, that out of a clear blue sky, with cooperation from the White House, zippo - legislation to ease the restrictions on Social Security recipients continuing to work into retirement was going to be fast tracked through the congress.

I hold the view that people opposed to my candidacy for the office of president read this page on my website, as you are reading this page, and instantly realized that older people online would vigorously support my so-far, unnoticed candidacy, so they adopted what they could of my plan to squash my coming thunder.

My view in this is correct. This Social Security bingo fast track reform was not a coincidence. The Los Angeles Times story breaking article mentioned the "underground economy."

But! the targeted group of citizens the politishinz' fast tracked soon-to-be legislation exclusively helps are mostly play-by-the-rules straight laced retirees who do not work under the table. Those Social Security recipients working for undeclared cash in the underground economy are in the SSI and SSD programs.

An investigation by the independent 4th estate is required in this to prove what I say about higher powers hijacking a chunk of my platform, but that can't happen without the beltway 4th estate's recognizing my candidacy and fossil fuel saving internet campaign.

The Lev campaign has to raise 20 million dollars before The Lev campaign even shows up on any 4th estate radar screen. The 4th estate has to see 20 million in the Federal Election Commission reports. That much is required, in the bank, by The Wall Street Gurgle before they will even bother to read 900 words by any candidate for president.

In concluding this consuming side bar:

Whenever the congress goes to do something obviously good that will register as popular with the people, both sides of the aisle in congress, and the White House down the street together milk the issue for its worth. But here we have an instant zippidy zap-zip-zap fast track. Nuff said, shleppers, would you have expected less from the scummie politishinz? Behind their haughtyness lurks fear.

Members of Congress only work 163 days a year. How many days a year do you spend on your job, making ends meet? How many days a year do the poor spend on the job; and coming and going to work on public transportation?

The tax solution deserves non-partisanship, on the table for public debate to come up with a non-partisan solution. The candidate with the best overall tax solution should win the election, but regardless who gets the most votes, the long term solution to the prob limb should stand.

The Earned Income Tax Credit

Today, a single, minimum wage earner gets all of their income tax withholding back, with a regressive ceiling built over this Christmas-Club-in-April savings plan. The earning ceiling kicks in at $10,000. The poor have it easy. All they have to do is show up and they get their money back.

But we are told, with a wave of the hand by various beltway politishinz and talking heads, this tax relief for the poor is rife with fraud! Rife! I'm shocked! I didn't know the poor were so sophisticated they could out wit the nasty tax man.

By immediate first-day-in-office Executive Order, the bureaucracy that built this opportunity for fraud into our tax code shall identify, for the president, exactly how these windows for fraud operate, this within 72 hours following the president's signature of the Executive Order, or suffer immediate dismissal from government service, as were the recalcitrant air traffic controllers removed from their positions!

The politishinz approach to this issue, and to any controversial, or meaningful issue, is always to announce, with a wave of the hand, a blue ribbon commission to study it, not a fast track.

I'm a poet, nada politishin. I practice the art of pallah tics. The bureaucratic stench in this matter, and in so many other regressive government programs is so apparent that a presidential commission, committee, or an act of congress is not required to solve the "prob limb" on behalf of the american people.

By Executive Order, the Earned Income Tax ceiling for all single working people, not counting dependents will be raised, to $17,000 in earnings. This will bring about an immediate increase in personal production from all the single working poor folks whose gross incomes presently hover around $9500. Increased production is healthy for our economy.

What is economy? e con oh me is two guys onna golf course in the late afternoon, trying to devise a way to shaft me out of my take home pay. The caddy politishinz are already in their pockets.

All the ceilings on anyone's earnings are capricious in nature as they sully our skies the limit belief in the american dream. Capital gains taxes for everyone, across the board will be cut up to one half, by Executive Order.

These are the Michael Stephen Levinson poet prophet candidate's initial cautious conservative steps toward leveling our current tax structure. We, the people are entitled to less tax - it's our money, but massive tax cuts are a stretch. Our first step must be an immediate drawing down of the publicly held debt with a goal of eliminating "public" debt forever!

This policy insures we will always have the strongest money in the world with the greatest purchasing power. That means, in the world wide internet driven economy, your american dollar always stretches farther.

Today, 15 % of every tax dollar goes to father service pay the in tryst on our public and private debt. We are drowning in debt, but hey shhhhh, no need to panic, we aren't cap sigh zing.

The politishinz day-to-day solution to this ship of state prob limb, in a pinch, is to raise spending caps, ponzi borrowing against the economic freedom of our future generations - your kids. Were we to divide up our gnashional debt on the spot, every buddy owes around $22,000 to the government. Whose government izzit?

The baby born this moment, as you read, was just certificated with a name, a numb burr, and one original sin - $22,000 worth of unpaid original debt. That is a sin.

The "public" debt refers to investors in US savings bonds. "Private" debt refers to all those saving bond chits in the so-called Social Security lock box. The politishinz call it a "lock box" because you can't unlock the box to see it's cob webbed emptiness.

When we guarantee the bulk of our surplus is going to pay off our nearly unlimited public credit card, then it's conservatively safe to innovate immediately using 10 % of our pre-determined tax revenues, so to insure the viability of Social Security and Medicare for the next hundred years!

In the mean time we do need to unravel the blood sucking tax code, from the top down, one tax at a time, and appropriately, cut the government spending related to or associated with the particular taxes cut, choosing first to be cut, all those extraneous taxes that directly affect the lives of people on fixed incomes.

Don't forget you read it hear first!

For these people, retired and too old, or unable to work, stuck on fixed income, a couple extra bucks here, a couple bucks there and pretty soon you're talking money for a fancy pastry once a week. Older people are worried. They are not better off. Notwithstanding the technology driven world wide boom, everyone on a fixed income is not better off.

These soon-to-be-revealed tax cuts related to cuts in government spending shall also be accomplished by Executive Order! Just like that. Lead er ship.

Support my campaign, and everything you read in these pages will begin upon my election.

The uppermost tax rate, which is 39 % of earnings, will be reduced to 36 %, excluding Members of Congress, who by virtue of their public office, feed off the public's trough and have plenty enough.

Members of Congress, the fiefs, should all be required to declare, by the tax code they wrote, all the free stuff they get as Members of Congress, as additional income beyond their outrageous pay.

But for all the rest of our working citizenry, those whose incomes fall below the Members of Congress, our working families whose combined earnings are between zero and $130,000 plus, is the following long term measure by Executive Order:

After the first fiscal year in office, ten percent of all working middle class families' current combined withheld taxes will be included and set aside, for the following Earned Income Tax Innovation, the Michael Stephen Levinson poet prophet innovation, that will insure Social Security, and Medicare stability, for all the american people, forever, regardless who is elected president.!

How ironic the check to check poorest on the very bottom, and all those struggling lower and middle class above are going to redeem themselves and everyone else and, as boldly noted earlier, those in the upper middle class, too, earning up to 130k are also being given the same golden opportunity to participate in this rock solid program.

By Executive Order, the earned income tax credit will be withheld from its recipients so the poor don't have to bother filling out any 1040 form, or anything. The poor save time and money and get back zip.

This tax largesse, the poor's earned income tax credit that we are snatching back shall fund the Lev Deal Savings Plan 401ok Fannie Stock Rock! This Fannie Stock Rock, along with all the stocks and bonds acrued by Fannie Stock Rock, shall be owned by its investors, the poorest amongst us, along with the struggling middle class.

Every year, the investors, initialy those working poor whose working lives are mostly paycheck to paycheck, shall receive a statement from Fannie Stock Rock, showing how much cash they have deposited in the pool, and how much more cash value that cash has become, based on the value of their investments, were those investments being cashed out, which is what the rich folks do when they want to build a room addition or buy a new Porshe, cash out some stock.

Within a few years the Fannie Rock Stock consortium-of-the-poor will be in a pinch, as muscular a force on Wall Street as Merill Lynch!

With this plan, a working poor person, age 40, who gets back $800 a year from the Earned Income Tax credit will have deposited in the fund, around $20,000 over a 25 year period. By age 65 this investment, rolled over ad infinite, will be valued well in excess of $250,000.

Upon retirement, those dividends rolled over in the pool will start to be paid out as monthly dividends to the retirement age holder, so the poor will have a real retirement to look forward to - Ronald Reagan's "shining city on the hill."

After five years, long before retirement, any Fannie Rock Stock holder may borrow against their holding, for purposes of a down payment on a Fannie Mae, or HUD backed home mortgage.

It should be feasible, down a very short road, to actually eliminate HUD, a counter productive federal bureaucracy, replacing its bureaucratic mission with Fannie Rock Stock, a "private" agent, into the real estate business as a further service to its needy shareholders.

How much operating money will be saved by eliminating HUD? Plenty money. When it's your money backing your own mortgage, you tend not to default on the mortgage! We don't need HUD.

With Fannie Stock Rock, we, the people will be able to accomplish some radical downsizing and sliminate one whole fraud filled federal housing bureaucracy, absent any harm to all those lower echelon people employed by this agency.

This "privitization" of a shoddily operating federal agency will save us lots of the taxpayer's dollars, and lots and lots for the po because the poor will be enabled to purchase a decent lot for their house without government involvement. Upon my election we will begin the process of taking HUD down and holding its parts until the Fannie 401ok Stock Rock is ready.

Now to the simply stated long term innovative program that privately secures Social Security, and Medicare operations forever, thus removing them from the fear mongering politishinz' table:

When the Fannie Stock Rock holder kicks the bucket, the holder's dividend check continues for their spouse and off spring. In the event the spouse passes away, or passed away, the Stock Rock dividend continues for their offspring until age 21, or the completion of the off spring's undergraduate education, which ever comes first.

At that time, half of the Rock Stock holder's rolled over investment may be cashed out by the decendents, or left to roll over, as per the holder's will to his / her decendents, without tax liability to their raggedy estate. An elderly poor person can look at their favorite great grand child and say, "When you grow up you are going to college."

The other half of the original holder's 401ok Fannie Stock Rock portfolio - the remaining balance of their acrued holdings remain with the Fannie Stock Rock pile of dividend assets, as a gift to all our future generations. Isn't that what Bill Gates is going to do with his?

The poor's children's children might want to begin exploring the universe at twice the speed of light. Your children's children. Who is going to pay for the trip? The money will be there for gas and linux to the other end of the universe.

Another element in Michael Stephen Levinson's understanding of the world's e con oh me will bring about, during the world wide peace poem, the radicle beginning of a carefully thought out disinflation of the whole world's economy, so that within 40 years, beer cost a nickle, with space travel free, and everyone here making money.

This careful disinflation of the world's economy is a separate, potentially Nobel Prize winning long term program for the whole world's economic health that will be publicly presented at some later point during this political campaign.

Back to the no-brainer program at hand:

This Fannie Stock Rock 4010k deal will more than double the Social Security retirement income for all its working poor and lower middle class participants. It gives those on the bottom a realistic american dream, what Ronald Reagan called, as noted above, "the shining city on a hill," with "more than a painted paradise at the end of it."

This Lev Deal measure will also infuse at least 25 billion dollars a year into Wall Street, on a monthly basis, regardless how tight our money supply becomes when in tryst rates rise, as they are on the rise today, unfortunately, for actually the wrong Federal Reserve Bank inspired unnatural reasons.

Regardless how our expanding world economy is doing, the working poor folks cash will always be there! When the market takes a 1200 point one day dip, and repeats itself the day next, and all the bulls and bears nervously proclaim, it's only a correction, only a correction, rest assured the working poor and lower middle class will be drinking beer, and grinning from ear to ear while their Fannie Stock Rock brokers sweep up all the money makers at fire sale prices.

It's fair to say that over the years, people who work for a living and play by the rules will end up owning the country. What we have today, for so many millions of people, is a civilized form of economic slavery. You aren't exactly chained to the rowing bench, you have a choice, but see what happens when you fail to pay the rent or car payment. The american dream is more than taxes and death or death and taxes with the only way out a winning lotto ticket.

to be continued....2-21-2000

updated tonight....3-12-2000

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