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Women Suffragists Day

Location: Washington, DC

WOMEN SUFFRAGISTS DAY -- (House of Representatives - July 14, 2005)

(Ms. BERKLEY asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 minute and to revise and extend her remarks.)

Ms. BERKLEY. Mr. Speaker, I am pleased to be joined today on the House floor by two exceptional soon-to-be fourth graders from Southern Nevada, Hannah Low and Destiny Carroll.

These young women were inspired after reading about the women's suffrage movement and began a petition drive seeking to create a holiday honoring America's suffragists.

Hannah and Destiny presented this petition to me with hundreds of signatures that they obtained in my Las Vegas office. I am so proud of Hannah and Destiny, and I am honored to introduce a resolution to establish a day to commemorate America's suffragists. While it may seem unbelievable today, it was not very long ago that women were not able to vote in this country. I hope that by creating a holiday honoring the suffragists, we will keep alive the memory of the struggle to win this important right for women.

I thank Hannah and Destiny for serving as an inspiration for my resolution, and for being here on this very important day. I hope it is a moment that they will long remember, and I hope that they continue working to make a difference in their community and make a difference in our world and make it a better place to be.

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