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Obama Votes to Add Additional Funding To Armor Military Vehicles

Location: Washington, DC

Obama Votes to Add Additional Funding To Armor Military Vehicles

WASHINGTON - U.S. Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) today voted in favor of providing additional funding for add-on armor for military vehicles and for additional up-armored military vehicles to help keep our troops in combat safe.

"When we send our troops to war, it is our obligation to make sure that the vehicles they travel in are well armored," said Obama. "Every day, these soldiers face the threat of attack from improvised explosive devices, rockets and machine gun fire. They should be confident that their vehicle will provide a first line of defense."

According to a recent report by the New York Times, roughly half of the Army's 20,000 Humvees are fitted with improvised shielding that leaves the underside unprotected, while only one in six Humvees used by the Marines is armored at the highest level of protection.

The amendment to the Department of Defense authorization (SA 1314) will authorize $225 million to the Army for add-on armor and high-mobility up-armored vehicles. It will also provide $429 million to the Marine Corps for ammunition, armored vehicles and add-on armor. The amendment passed unanimously.

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