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Senator John Kerry Fights for Red Tide Program Funds, Criticizes Bush Budget Cuts

Location: Washington, DC

Senator John Kerry Fights for Red Tide Program Funds, Criticizes Bush Budget Cuts

"It's terrific that the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute will be receiving money to execute research on red tides, but I remain very concerned about the President's budget cuts to this important program for fiscal year 2006. President Bush has proposed a $10 million overall cut to the very programs that fund work on red tides - programs that support the grants that WHOI is receiving today. Only the Bush Administration would fund Red Tide research before it cuts it.

The historic red tide that devastated our coastlines this summer has damaged not only the environment but also the local economy. We need to invest ample federal resources in researching the nature of red tides and searching for methods to control, prevent and mitigate it. The Consortium for Oceanographic Research & Education (CORE) - the nucleus of U.S. research and education about the ocean - testified before Congress that, "the proposed cuts would have devastating impacts on ongoing research of national and international significance, disrupt productive partnerships with other federal agencies, and threaten the viability of future science plans."

This is not the time to be cutting the budget for this important program, it's time to understand the science of red tides and commit to the future of healthy ocean ecosystems.

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