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House Approves Nearly $8 Million for Military Projects Sought by Gallegly

Location: Washington, DC

House Approves Nearly $8 Million for Military Projects Sought by Gallegly

The House of Representatives on Monday approved funding for three military projects that were championed by Congressman Elton Gallegly (R-Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties).

The nearly $8 million in projects championed by Gallegly was approved by the House on a 398-19 vote.

"Naval Base Ventura County continues to lead the way in anticipating threats and developing ways to counter those threats, which is vital to our national security in this age of terrorism," Gallegly said. "Overall, this bill provides the materials, equipment and support our military needs to bring the war to our enemies."

Specifically, the Gallegly-championed projects funded in the Department of Defense Appropriations Act were:

* Asymmetric Warfare Initiative, Point Mugu ($4 million)—The Asymmetric Warfare Initiative is a national program that develops and evaluates technologies designed to recognize, counter, and control the effects of asymmetric warfare threats, including terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, and information warfare. Gallegly has persuaded his colleagues to provide funding for the project for several years.
* Southern California Offshore Range (SCORE) Navy Smart Target Program, Naval Base Ventura County ($2.7 million)—The Navy uses simulated hostile signals at fixed and mobile sites to facilitate operator training. The San Clemente Island Range Complex where SCORE is located is the only remaining littoral live fire training range since the loss of Vieques Island in Puerto Rico. Additional Smart Target Threats at SCORE will significantly aid in improving the electronic warfare. Gallegly has persuaded his colleagues to provide funding to upgrade SCORE for several years.
* Defense Motor Vehicle Safety Demonstration Program, BST, Ojai, ($1 million)—Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death and serious injury for all military personnel. The program will help the Marine Corps to comprehensively address the problem. Last year Gallegly persuaded his colleagues to provide $1 million for the program.

In all, the Defense Act provides $409 billion in spending authority for the Department of Defense for FY 2006. This amount includes $45.3 billion in emergency funding for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, available on Oct. 1.

It also fully funds the 3.1 percent military pay raise. In addition, it provides $2.8 billion to replace equipment lost due to wartime and degradation; an additional $1.2 billion for protection items and gear for troops in the field, such as body armor; and $230 million to cover the costs of the enhanced insurance and death gratuity benefits approved in the FY2005 supplemental.

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