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Perry Announces Ericsson-Cingular Expansion

Location: Plano, TX

Perry Announces Ericsson-Cingular Expansion

Partnership will create 400 new jobs, majority coming to Telecom Corridor in North Texas

Today Gov. Rick Perry joined the Chief Executive Officers of Ericsson and Cingular, two global leaders in the wireless communications industry, in opening a new research and development center in Plano that is part of an expansion that will bring 400 new jobs to Texas. This expansion is in addition to the 500 jobs created in the state since September as a result of the partnership between Ericsson and Cingular.

"Today as the doors of this new research and development center officially open, new doors of opportunity are opening for hundreds of North Texas families," Perry said. "This expansion will create 370 new jobs over the next 18 months, and another 30 jobs are currently being filled at the new R&D center with the potential for hundreds more in the future."

Perry said the Ericsson-Cingular partnership will benefit the entire state as paychecks earned at new jobs are cashed and spent, and as new technologies developed at the research center are moved to the marketplace. Additionally, Ericsson is implementing an annual scholarship program for students pursuing degrees in engineering and management at the University of Texas at Dallas.

"There is an undeniable trend towards a technology-based economy that is taking place worldwide and over the next ten years, new technologies will generate $3 trillion in revenue," Perry said. "With the Ericsson-Cingular expansion, I am confident that a good share of those revenues will be generated right here in Texas."

Perry said the state's newly created Emerging Technology Fund will help position Texas to be competitive in the high-stakes, high-tech economy of tomorrow. Proposed by Perry in 2004, the Emerging Technology Fund will use $200 million to improve research and development capabilities at Texas universities, help start-up companies get off the ground and move inventions out of the lab and into the hands of consumers faster.

"The Emerging Technology Fund has the potential to create thousands of new jobs and bring about revolutionary advancements in technology that can make life better for people across the globe," Perry said.

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