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Energy and Water Development Appropriations Act, 2006--Continued




Mr. COBURN. Mr. President, I will call up amendment 1086 and then I will withdraw it by unanimous consent. It is important that Members recognize what is written in the report language in this bill. I will read a portion of one sentence and talk about it: Congressionally directed projects. The committee recommends including the following congressionally directed projects. The committee has provided sufficient funding to cover the cost of these additions so as not to impact research.

That is the key question. By the misstatement of the committee itself, these projects are not essential. Yet, there is $87 million in projects to 30 States averaging less than $1 million a project. These are for biomass, biodiesel, hydrogen, solar, and other forms of energy.

It is going to pass, there is no question. I can't stop it, but I think the American people ought to go online and look at this. There are two problems. No. 1, it is not essential and we will spend $544 billion we do not have this year; No. 2, by having this many projects at such low value, we do not get our money's worth because we spend a ton of money in administrative and overhead costs for these small projects. If we are going to spend this money, it ought to be 3 or 6 projects, not the 30-some projects that are in there.

I ask unanimous consent to withdraw the amendment.

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