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Hoyer Delivers Defense Funds Important to Prince George's County

Location: Washington, DC

Hoyer Delivers Defense Funds Important to Prince George's County

Funding will Benefit Projects and Programs in Prince George's County

The U.S. House of Representatives passed the Fiscal Year 2006 Defense Appropriations bill today that contains millions in funding that will benefit Prince George's County at the request of Congressman Steny Hoyer.

"I was pleased to secure federal funding to assist three small businesses in Maryland that are working on projects that will benefit our nation's military and the safety of our troops," said Congressman Hoyer. "The pistol modernization project will greatly increase the safety and effectiveness of weapons used by the Marine Corps, and the significant funding to enhance our satellite program will ensure that the United States is at the forefront of innovative space technologies.

"Furthermore, I was very pleased to secure funds to establish the Center for Integrated Security Logistics at the University of Maryland, one of the nation's most academically dynamic institutions of higher learning. Through this federal government-university partnership, the University of Maryland will serve the public by conducting critical research necessary to improve national security readiness, while providing students, scientists and academics with a state-of-the-art facility and technology.

"All of these programs are not only important to our state's economy, but will further enhance our military capabilities. I will work to ensure that this funding remains in the final legislation that will be signed in to law later this year," concluded Hoyer.

The funding that will benefit Prince George's County included in the Department of Defense Appropriations bill passed today is listed below. The Senate must now pass the Fiscal Year 2006 Department of Defense Appropriations bill and then the differences between the two bills must be worked out in a Conference Committee before the bill may become law.

M9 Pistol Modernization Through Spares (P-MTS) Program, $3 Million
The Marine Corp is the heaviest user of their issued service side arm, the M-9 9mm pistol due to their aggressive training and tactics. However, the 9mm sidearm that many of the Marine Corp servicemen and women carry are approximately 15 years old. Between 1987-1991, the Marine Corps purchased approximately 72,000 M-9 Pistols. The M9s were originally supplied with the manufacturer's quality magazines. As these magazines wore out, the Army, as the single supplier to the Department of Defense, replaced them with magazines supplied by the lowest bidder. In Operation Iraqi Freedom, these replacement magazines routinely failed including failure to feed, jamming and breakage. Two years ago, Congressman Hoyer successfully secured $5 million in federal funds to modernize 33,500 (46.3%) of the Marine Corps M-9 pistols. And, last year, Mr. Hoyer secured $2.5 million to upgrade the US Marine Corps M-9 pistols. The $3 million in federal funding included in today's bill will replace the necessary parts, will improve the operational service life of these M-9 9mm pistols and will improve the safety of these weapons for the servicemen and women using them.

Operationally Responsive Satellites, $20 Million
Current national security space programs provide unique, usually single mission capabilities (early warning, weather, intelligence) and are not designed to execute multiple / responsive missions. A successful demonstration of the Operationally Responsive Satellite Program will enable the opportunity to develop and deploy an operational system capable of rapidly protecting and reconstituting critical US space assets "on demand." This funding for the Operationally Responsive Satellites program (ORS) will accelerate this critical technology development and could provide a first launch capability in as early as 24 months. Swales Aerospace, a small business aerospace engineering firm headquartered in Beltsville, Maryland will be one of the aerospace companies who will benefit from this funding.

Center for Integrated Security Logistics, $2 Million
The proposed Center, at the University of Maryland Center for Public Policy and Private Enterprise, develops and demonstrates dynamic information technology networks that link soldiers on the battlefield to support personnel across the globe. The connectivity to weapon suppliers and repair and maintenance depots enable faster response to war fighter's requirements such as munitions, armor, spare parts and fuel. The center networks support the Army munitions readiness efforts conducted at Aberdeen Proving Ground and Edgewood Arsenal.

University of Maryland will apply the Center's advanced knowledge to strengthen homeland security. Through collaborative learning and forecasts, the Center will improve national security readiness through real time interagency coordination to provide immediate response to national security threats. Funding of this Center enables the establishment in FY2006 of integrated leading edge logistics science and technology projects across the University's Public Policy and Clark School of Engineering Schools.

Total Ship Test Production Program, $1 Million
The U.S. Navy's Total Ship Test Production includes the development and life cycle management of a Combat System Operational Sequencing System (CSOSS) for Naval surface ships. Since 1989, CSOSS has provided the Navy warfighter with operational procedural manuals that detail a systematic approach for the line-up, light-off, operation and casualty control of modern shipboard, integrated systems. In FY05, the Navy's TSTP program experienced a 57.5% budget reduction, leaving the surface fleet with inadequately maintained operational combat system procedures at a time when the need is highest. This funding, for the Total Ship Test Production program, will be used by Gryphon Technologies, headquartered in Riverdale, Maryland to address this need.

The TEDCO-MRASC Applied Research Demonstration Project, $1 Million
This project will increase the participation of Maryland Historically Black Colleges and Universities/Minority Serving Institutions (HBCU/MSIs) participation in USAMRMC's programs for advanced and applied sciences as an essential component of its research and development mission. The multi-year project will assist USAMRMC in meeting its primary science and technology objectives of investigating emerging military requirements in biotechnology and life sciences and assist the participating HBCU/MSIs to develop an on-going research and technology transfer capacity that will enable these institutions to respond to the critical technology needs of federal research and development agencies.

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