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Kerry Takes Aim at Bush Energy Scheme

Location: Washington, DC

Kerry Takes Aim at Bush Energy Scheme

Bush Plan Increases Dependence on Dangerous Foreign Oil, No Relief for Record Gas Prices

Below is a statement by Senator John Kerry on the president's remarks on energy today.

"Just days after another senior official cashed out and took a job at Exxon, we heard another speech about energy from the 'say one thing, do another' Bush administration. No matter how much President Bush stumps for his failed ideas, the Bush-Cheney energy plan is not the solution to rising energy costs or the answer to our dangerous dependence on foreign oil. Instead, their energy policy is the place where cozy business connections, secret deals and industry campaign contributions come together to keep us dependent on foreign oil and keep consumers paying through the nose at the pump. No wonder even President Bush's own economists agree it will do little to reduce dependence on foreign oil or bring prices down, and the President himself admitted it'll do nothing to provide immediate relief at the pump.

"Americans deserve better. We need a real plan that will free us from our dependence on Mideast oil by investing in renewable sources, providing incentives for conservation and diversifying our energy supplies. We can build an energy independent America that relies on its own ingenuity and innovation instead of the Saudi royal family, but we'll never get there with the Bush energy scheme."

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