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Location: Washington, DC



    Mr. McCONNELL. Mr. President, I rise today to pay tribute to an accomplished Kentuckian, Mr. Steve Reed. A native of Hart County, KY, Steve is a respected attorney, inspiring mentor, and loving husband and father of three.

    In 2000 Steve became Kentucky's first African-American U.S. attorney. Some of his most significant work as U.S. attorney included fighting the methamphetamine problem in western Kentucky. Steve quickly recognized the problem and requested Federal funds to open an office in western Kentucky to combat meth production. With the new funding, he directed a program that more than doubled the number of labs raided from the previous year. Through Steve's efforts and the cooperation of local law enforcement agencies, Kentucky's young people are better protected and more criminals are being prosecuted.

    In addition to serving as U.S. attorney, Steve has supported higher education as a member of the University of Kentucky board of trustees since 1994. In September 2002, Steve became the board's first African-American chairman. He is dedicated to increasing the stature of academics throughout the university and Commonwealth. He is working to create stronger ties between private business and the university's research programs, and Steve has pushed for more minority and financial aid scholarships. Because of UK's prominence, Steve's efforts have not just affected the school but also have had a positive impact throughout the rest of Kentucky's educational system.

    Steve grew up in poverty as one of seven children raised by his single mother. His maternal grandmother, Mama Verda, expected greatness from Steve, and emphasized the importance of always doing the right thing. He excelled in high school and moved on to Western Kentucky University where he tutored a fellow student. After earning a psychology degree, he attended UK Law School. Through his hard work and discipline, it is no surprise that Steve has achieved such success.

    We are indebted to Steve for his service to the Commonwealth of Kentucky in fighting drugs and supporting education. He stands as a model of hard work and discipline. I ask my colleagues in the Senate to join me in honoring Steve Reed for his dedicated service.

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