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Location: Washington, DC


    Mr. FRIST. Mr. President, this morning the Senate will be in a period of morning business until 10 a.m. At 10 o'clock, the Senate will resume consideration of S. 14, the Energy bill. Pending is the Reid second-degree amendment to the Feinstein first-degree amendment on the issue of derivatives.

    There are a number of Members who are reviewing those amendments at this time. It is a complicated issue. I know that a number of people, including the chairman of the Agriculture Committee, will want to speak on the amendment.

    In the interim, it is my hope that we will continue to make progress on the bill and work through other amendments that may be offered. Also, as we have discussed over the course of this week, we would like to be able to lock in a list of the remaining amendments to the Energy bill during today's session.

    I remind my colleagues we will vote on the confirmation of the nomination of Richard Wesley to be a Circuit Court Judge for the Second Circuit at 11:15 this morning.

    In addition, there are a number of other Executive Calendar nominations ready for votes, and we will attempt to set a time certain for votes on those as well.

    Also, with respect to the schedule, Senator McConnell has continued to work for a vote on the Burma sanctions bill. I am very hopeful that over the course of the morning we will be able to address this very important and timely issue and bring this to closure. As I indicated yesterday, I fully support his efforts and we will work for a resolution today. The Senate, I believe, should speak loudly and clearly on the recent actions in Burma.

    We would also like to consider and complete the FAA reauthorization this week, and we will continue to look for a way to schedule that matter.

    In addition, there are other issues I have mentioned each morning on which we are working. It is important for our colleagues to come together so we can address them in a straightforward and timely manner, including the issue surrounding the bioshield bill.

    Mr. REID. Will the majority leader yield for a comment on the schedule?

    Mr. FRIST. Yes.

    Mr. REID. Mr. President, first of all, we will have for the leader sometime today a finite list of amendments from our side. Also, Senator Feinstein, when she left last night, said she was not going to agree to have her amendment set aside. The reason for that is somewhat based on last year when she worked with Senator Gramm for more than a week trying to get something on that amendment and she never did. She kept setting it aside, but she said she would not do that this time.

    Mr. McCONNELL. Will the majority leader yield?

    Mr. FRIST. Yes.

    Mr. McCONNELL. I thank the majority leader for raising again the issue of the Burma sanctions bill. I say to him and our colleagues in the Senate that we have now been working for 2 days to try to get this matter cleared.

    While we are involved in the minutia of the clearing process, Aung San Suu Kyi is still, in effect, in prison. We need to send a message to the military in Burma, and we need to send it this week.

    I am not going to propound another unanimous consent request at the moment, but I want to put colleagues on notice that later in the day I will be doing that once again. In the meantime, the discussions continue. We hope we will be able to resolve this matter. I thank the majority leader very much for bringing that up.

    Mr. FRIST. Mr. President, I yield the floor.

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