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Dr. Coburn Hails Confirmation of Mainstream Judges

Location: Washngton, DC

Dr. Coburn Hails Confirmation of Mainstream Judges

U.S. Senator Tom Coburn, M.D. (R-OK) today released the following statement on the long-delayed approval of three of President Bush's judicial nominees, Priscilla Owen, Janice Rogers Brown and William Pryor:

"For the moment, justice and fairness have prevailed in the Senate. Three of President Bush's long-delayed judicial nominees have finally received the courtesy of an up-or-down vote."

"The debate about these three judges, however, is merely a prelude to a battle over a Supreme Court nominee. If this debate is any indication, the tone of that debate will be perhaps the most shrill and disingenuous discussion in our nation's history."

"The compromise that led to the approval of these three judges proves that many of the accusations leveled against them were arbitrary. Judges who were considered unfit to serve lifetime terms suddenly became qualified. This dramatic and sudden shift shows that the arguments leveled against these judges were based less on principle and more on political expediency."

"The political stakes for the far left could not be higher. Liberal academia and interest groups are terrified that President Bush's judicial nominees may limit their ability to enact policies through the courts that have failed at the ballot box. As a result, some will stop at nothing to vilify anyone who threatens their grip on power. The irrational accusations of extremism will likely become more intense in future debates."

"Sadly, many in the minority espouse judicial diversity as long as a judicial nominee expresses an opinion with which they agree. Anyone who fails their liberal litmus test will be condemned as being ‘outside of the mainstream' even if that accusation defies common sense. For example, Priscilla Owen was condemned for being out of the mainstream for defending a law requiring that parents be notified when their underage daughters seek abortion services when nearly 80 percent of Americans support parental notification laws."

"If some in the minority were as insightful as they claim to be about ‘mainstream America' they would not be in the minority. The fact is, many of these three nominees' fiercest critics neither understand nor agree with mainstream America on many issues. Mainstream Americans are sick and tired of judicial activism, which is why President Bush will continue to nominate diverse judges who will interpret the law, not invent new laws and precedents from the bench."

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