OnPoint: The facts at your fingertips!

Vote Smart's free exciting new mobile app OnPoint arms citizens with up-to-date info on today's hot topics. Want to know how your officials relate to the big picture? Click the issue you're interested in and the facts you need are at your fingertips, curated just for you!

So how does OnPoint work?

Click a feature to learn more.

  • Geolocation

    OnPoint automatically geolocates to your current location, so you get the facts most relevant to you.

  • Selecting an Issue

    The featured issues in OnPoint are carefully selected on a rolling basis to best reflect the current political climate.

  • Selecting a Data Type

    There are four types of data that you can browse: Statements, Ratings, Measures, and Votes.

  • Selecting Data

    The facts are listed chronologically and relate specifically to your location.

  • Navigating the App

    Navigating between pieces of data is simple.

  • Links to Sources

    Here at Vote Smart, we take all of our facts directly from primary sources in order to remain accurate and non-partisan.

With OnPoint, You Can Get:


See what your members of congress are saying, even just yesterday.


View interest groups on both sides of the aisle and how they rate your officials/candidates.


Find out if there are any upcoming ballot measures in your state and get a helpful summary.


Check out the most recent vote in congress, your officials' votes, and visualize the breakdown.

OnPoint Screenshots
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