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Legislative Committees

Program Review and Investigations

Connecticut Joint Committee

Legislative Program Review and Investigation

Room 506, Capitol Building

Hartford, CT 06106

Phone: 860-240-0300

Web Address:


The Legislative Program Review and Investigations Committee was established by statute in 1972 to strengthen the General Assembly's capacity for legislative oversight. By law, the twelve-member committee is equally bipartisan and bicameral. The President Pro Tempore of the Senate, the Speaker of the House, and the Senate and House Minority Leaders each appoint three members to the committee.

With no specific subject matter boundaries, the committee's primary charge is to examine "state government programs and their administration to ascertain whether such programs are effective, continue to serve their intended purposes, are conducted in an efficient and effective manner, or require modification or elimination." It may raise and report out bills related to these examinations.

Further, an agency subject to a program review must take necessary corrective action if the review cites inadequate operating or administrative system controls or procedures, inaccuracies, waste, extravagance, unauthorized or unintended activities or programs, or other deficiencies.

In addition, the committee is authorized to conduct investigations on "any matter" when required by a joint resolution of the General Assembly or, when the legislature is not in session, by a joint standing committee, or at its own initiative, subject to the approval of the Joint Committee on Legislative Management.

The committee is supported by a staff of nonpartisan professional analysts that make up the Office of Program Review and Investigations

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