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Legislative Committees

Regulated Industries

Florida Senate Committee

301 Senate Office Building

Phone: 850-487-5957

Web Address:


Alcohol and tobacco issues
Boxing regulation
Building code (second after CA)
Child labor
Construction Lien Law (with JU)
Condominiums and cooperatives (with JU)
Employee leasing companies
Farm labor
Funeral directors and cemeteries (with BI)
Homeowners and community associations (with CA and JU)
Indoor smoking ban (implementation of constitutional language)
Landlord-tenant (with JU)
Mobile home parks (with, CA)
Pool regulations (as 2nd reference after HP)
Professional groups regulated through DBPR accounts: architects, athletic agents, CPAs, construction (asbestos contractors, consultants; building code administrators and inspectors; construction contractors), cosmetologists, barbers, electrical and alarmcontractors, engineers, geologists, harbor pilots, home inspectors, interior design, landscape architects, mold-related services, real estate professionals, talent agencies, veterinarians
Restaurants and lodging establishments (with CM)
State Lottery (with GM)
Surveyors and mappers (with AG)
Travel clubs

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