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Legislative Committees

Community Affairs

Florida Senate Committee

301 Senate Office Building

at call of Chair

Phone: 850-487-5167

Web Address:


Issues relating to local governments: cities, community development districts, counties, homestead exemptions, local government finance and taxation, property assessment and taxation, mobile homes, regional authorities, Regional Planning Councils, special districts
Americans with Disabilities Act (code-related) and handicapped parking
Affordable housing
Building code and inspection
Local claim bills
Coastal management (with EP)
Community redevelopment
Disaster preparedness (with MS)
Eminent domain (with JU)
Enterprise zones (with CM)
Growth management
Homeowners associations (second after RI)
Hurricane Loss Mitigation Fund (215.559)
Impact fees
Mobile homes (housing aspect)
Retirement issues for local employees (firefighters, EMTs, etc.) (Second after GO)

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