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1. Child labor.
2. Gallaudet University and Howard University and Hospital.
3. Convict labor and the entry of goods made by convicts into interstate commerce.
4. Food programs for children in schools.
5. Labor standards and statistics.
6. Education or labor generally.
7. Mediation and arbitration of labor disputes.
8. Regulation or prevention of importation of foreign laborers under contract.
9. Workers' Compensation
10. Vocational rehabilitation.
11. Wages and hours of labor.
12. Welfare of miners.
13. Work incentive programs.

In addition to its legislative jurisdiction under the preceding provisions of this paragraph (and its general oversight function under clause 2(b)(1)), the committee shall have the special oversight function provided for in clause 3(c) with respect to domestic educational programs and institutions, and programs of student assistance, which are within the jurisdiction of other committees.

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