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Legislative Committees

Subcommittee on Homeland Security

National Senate Committee

S-128, The Capitol

Washington, DC 20510-6025

Phone: 202-224-7363

Web Address:

Parent Committee: Appropriations


Agricultural Quarantine Inspection (USDA)
Chief Medical Officer (DHS)
Customs and Border Protection (DHS)
Disaster Relief (DHS)
Disaster Assistance Direct Loan Program (DHS)
Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DHS)
Emergency Food and Shelter (DHS)
Federal Emergency Management Agency
Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (DHS)
Flood Map Modernization Fund (DHS)
Homeland Security, Department of (DHS)
Immigration and Customs Enforcement (DHS)
Infrastructure Protection and Information Security (DHS)
Intelligence and Analysis (DHS)
National Capital Region Coordination Office
National Flood Insurance Fund (DHS)
Office of Grants and Training
Predisaster Mitigation Fund
Preparedness Directorate
Science and Technology (DHS)
Strategic Border Initiative (DHS)
Transportation Security Administration (DHS)
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (DHS)
U.S. Coast Guard (DHS)
U.S. Fire Administration
U.S. Secret Service (DHS)

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