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Legislative Committees

Energy Resources

Texas House Committee

Phone: 512-463-0774

Web Address:


(1) the conservation of the energy resources of Texas;
(2) the production, regulation, transportation, and development of oil, gas, and other energy resources;
(3) mining and the development of mineral deposits within the state;
(4) the leasing and regulation of mineral rights under public lands;
(5) pipelines, pipeline companies, and all others operating as common carriers in the state;
(6) electric utility regulation as it relates to energy production and consumption;
(7) identifying, developing, and using alternative energy sources;
(8) increasing energy efficiency throughout the state; and
(9) the following state agencies: the Railroad Commission of Texas, the Office of Interstate Oil Compact Commissioner for Texas, the Office of Interstate Mining Compact Commissioner for Texas, the State Energy Conservation Office, and the Office of Southern States Energy Board Member for Texas.

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