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Legislative Committees


Florida Senate Committee

201 The Capitol

Phone: 850-487-5140

Web Address:


The Appropriations Committee annually prepares the state's budget through the General Appropriations Act (GAA) and has jurisdiction over legislation having a fiscal impact, affecting revenues, or containing an appropriation. The GAA determines the amounts state agencies, the Legislature, and the state court system may spend for salaries, personnel, contracted services, expenses, and fixed capital outlay and provides funding for public schools, Florida colleges, and state universities each fiscal year. The committee also develops and recommends to the Senate the implementing bill and conforming bills, as needed, to facilitate implementation of the GAA. During the interim, the committee reviews all Executive Branch and Judicial Branch budget amendments in accordance with Chapter 216 and other statutes governing the state budgetary process.
The committee provides staff for the Legislative Budget Commission. Committee staff also serves as principals of statutorily created Consensus Estimating Conferences affecting the state budget and, in conjunction with staff from the House Appropriations Committee, develops the constitutionally required Three Year Financial Outlook, which the Legislative Budget Commission must approve each year by September 15th.

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