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Legislative Committees

Economic and Small Business Development

Texas House Committee

Phone: 512-463-0069

Web Address:


(1) workforce training;
(2) commerce, trade, and manufacturing;
(3) economic and industrial development;
(4) development and support of small businesses;
(5) job creation and job-training programs;
(6) hours, wages, collective bargaining, and the relationship between employers and employees;
(7) unemployment compensation, including coverage, benefits, taxes, and eligibility;
(8) labor unions and their organization, control, management, and administration;
(9) weights and measures; and
(10) the following state agencies: the Texas Economic Development and Tourism Office, the Texas Workforce Commission, and the Texas Workforce Investment Council.
(b) The chair of the committee shall appoint a permanent subcommittee on manufacturing consisting of not fewer than five members to consider all matters pertaining to:
(1) manufacturing in the state, including the state's manufacturing capability;
(2) advances in manufacturing science and technology;
(3) the promotion of manufacturing research, development, and technology transfers in the state; and
(4) matters related to cooperation of state and local governments with the scientific, educational, and manufacturing communities, including industry, institutions of higher education, and federal or state experiment stations and laboratories.

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