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Legislative Committees

Retirement and Independent Entities Appropriations Subcommittee

Utah Joint Committee

350 North State, Suite 320

PO Box 145115

Salt Lake City, UT 84114

Phone: 801-538-1035

Fax: 801-326-1475

Web Address:


The Retirement and Independent Entities Appropriations Subcommittee considers issues related to health insurance, retirement programs, personnel recruitment and review, and independent entities authorized by the state. Providing benefits for existing employees and retirement plans for retired individuals helps attract and retain a productive workforce.
The committee has budget oversight responsibility for the Career Service Review Office and the Department of Human Resource Management. The committee also advises the Legislature concerning issues of the following independent entities: Utah Retirement Systems, Public Employees Health Programs, Heber Valley Historic Railroad Authority, School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration, Utah Communications Agency Network, Utah Dairy Commission, Utah Energy Infrastructure Authority, Utah Science Center Authority, Utah State Railroad Museum, Utah Housing Authority, Military Installation Development Authority, Utah State Fair Corporation, Utah Capital Investment Corporation, and Workers' Compensation Fund.
Issues addressed by the committee in recent years include affordable health insurance for state employees, an actuarially sound public employee retirement system, and employer-employee relationships.

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