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Legislative Committees

Public Safety and Homeland Security

Massachusetts Joint Committee

State House, Room 507 (Senate)

State House, Room 167 (House)

Boston, MA 02133

Web Address:


It shall be the duty of the committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security to consider all matters concerning laws relating to shipping or otherwise transporting energy sources, the safety of the public, including civil defense, firearms and gun control, fire laws, motor vehicle laws, motor vehicle safety belts (including school buses), the correction system including administration, prisoners' rights, furloughs, work release, probation, rehabilitation, homeland or Commonwealth security matters, other matters related to federal affairs, including, but not limited to, the prevention of terrorist attacks, the reduction of the vulnerability to terrorism; the minimizing of the damage and recovery from possible attacks that may occur, and the coordination of homeland security related activities of the Commonwealth with those of the Federal Government, including certain confidential and guarded information and such other matters as may be referred.
Senate Contact:617-722-1222 House Contact:617-722-2230

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