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West Virginia House Committee

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(a) rules, joint rules, order of business and parliamentary rules in general; (b) recesses and final adjournments of the House and the Legislature; (c) payment of money out of the contingent or other fund of the House or creating a charge upon the same; (d) employees of and services to the House, and purchase of furniture, supplies and office equipment; (e) election and qualification of members of the House and state officers, privileges of members and officers of the House, and witnesses attending the House or any committee thereof; (f) punishment of members of the House for disorderly conduct; and punishment of any person not a member for contempt, disrespectful behavior in the presence of the House, obstructing its proceedings, and for any assault, threat or abuse of a member of the House; (g) House printing; (h) House Library, statuary and pictures, acceptance or purchase of works of art for the Capitol, purchase of books and manuscripts for the House, erection of monuments to the memory of individuals; and (i) sale of food and administration and assignment of office space in the House wing of the Capitol

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